Metal Additive Manufacturing

(3D Printing)

Available at Action Mold & Machining, Inc.

What is Metal Additive Manufacturing?

3D objects can be created from a CAD model using the ‘Metal Additive Manufacturing’ process. It uses metal powder to create thin layers upon layers.

The process allows highly complex shapes to be produced, that may have been not possible with traditional casting, machining or electrical discharge machining.

At Action Mold, we are able to design and manufacture parts in a variety of metals using a process called laser powder bed fusion.


Advantages of using this process:

  • The ability to produce complex objects
  • Consolidate multiple parts into single or fewer components to improve reliability and reduce inventory 
  • The process can be integrated into current manufacturing processes.
  •  Reduction in manufacturing steps, which saves on time, delivery and cost.
  • Fully customized components to improve performance 
  • Light weight – only build material where it is needed, reducing waste 
  • Reduced tooling costs – parts can be manufactured directly without the need for tooling 
  • Rapid design iterations right up to manufacture
  • Produce conformal cooling, oil and hydraulic channels.





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