Need a tool, die, or mold repaired or altered? Laser welding could be the answer to your problem. Repair your tool and die or molds rather than replace them. Lasers allow us to repair the impacts of wear or damage, as well as modify molds when you need to change a design.

Laser welding can also create serial numbers, brands, or other markings as needed on tools or molds.

With its high welding speeds and the ability to make thin and small weld seams, laser welding has benefits for a host of applications. Laser welding’s low thermal distortion provides an additional advantage: you won’t need to repair the repair job!

If laser welding is the right solution, but you can’t bring your mold to us, don’t worry! Action Mold’s StarWeld Tool – Open Laser System allows us to come to you. It was designed specifically for on-site repair of large molds. Although the laser is portable it packs all the power needed to repair molds too large to move.

StarWeld’s specs tell the story:

  • Rated output power 150W – 3 axis system
  • LEICA microscope 16x
  • Travel : X 75″, Y 75″, Z 50″

If you want high quality laser welding with a shorter turnaround time, call Action Mold today.